Who is it for?

The virtual tour of the Civic Archaeological Museum is intended for everyone. The other materials that have been developed are designed to renew museum didactics and to develop new visitor routes.

What is it?

By bringing together several apparently distant professionals, high quality digital products have been created, first and foremost the virtual tour of the Archaeological Museum, which also contains in-depth information on some of the artefacts. Moreover, the models and 3D prints, created from a selection of artefacts, can be used to enrich the educational offer and to broaden and diversify the ways in which the museum's heritage can be enjoyed by the public. The ultimate goal of the project is to allow remote access to the collection and to provide a new and more interactive approach to some of the Archaeological Museum's exhibits.



Comune di Fiesole
Fondazione Primo Conti

In collaboration with

UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Firenze - DIDALABS

Supported by

Fondazione CR Firenze