Musei di Tutti thematic museum network

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Musei di Fiesole is part of the Musei di Tutti thematic museum network.

Musei di Tutti was born in 2020 from the collaboration of important museums in Florence and Fiesole. The aim of the network is to enhance and promote its cultural heritage in all its aspects, making it accessible to a public as diversified and vast as possible. Indeed, the partner museums share the conviction that cultural heritage only acquires its full significance if it is truly accessible and actively participated in by all. With this premise, since 2008, Musei di Fiesole, a number of Florentine Civic Museums (Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Museo Novecento and Museo Bardini), Museo degli Innocenti and Museo Primo Conti have been collaborating, with the support of Regione Toscana, to realise projects and activities for inclusion.

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Multaka international network

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With the Amir project, Musei di Fiesole participate in Multaka International network, the organisation created in 2019 that unites five different ongoing projects in museums in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and England.

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