taddeo gaddi museo bandini

"For the decorum (and decoration), instruction and donation of the people of Fiesole"

The small and charming Bandini Museum takes its name from the erudite canon, Angiolo Maria Bandini (Fiesole, 1726 – 1803), librarian in Florence's Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana from 1759 and author of the library's catalogue.

Bandini was an influential figure, who knew the most important people of his time. He became an avid antique trade lover, collecting works of art that he kept inside his small XI century church of Sant’Ansano. The small church was thus transformed into a sort of private “Sacred Museum” of significant Tuscan medieval and Renassaince art, where it was possible to admire paintings dating from XIII to XV centuries, as well as a small collection of byzantine works and terracottas by Della Robbia.

When Bandini died in 1803, he donated his art collection to the Bishop and Chapter of Fiesole “for the decorum (and decoration), instruction and donation of the people of Fiesole”. Almost a century later, Bandini’s collection was moved into the current Museum, built by Giuseppe Castellucci and opened in 1913.

In 2013, the Bandini Museum celebrated its centenary and was renovated to be accessible for all; works of art were restored and exhibited accordin to their genre and origin, with paintings upstairs, sculptures and works from Fiesole downstairs.

At present, the Bandini Museum belongs to Fiesole’s Chapter and is managed by Municipality along with the Archaeological Area and Museum. This testifies the unity and importance of history and culture in Fiesole.