kit memorie sonore fiesole

Visit the Archaeological Area with the Sound Memories Kit and listen to the way the Past sounded like!

The kit (which comes with special bone conduction earphones, a mobile device and a map) takes you straight into the Roman Age, with its sounds, voices and melodies accurately recreated.

Try an augmented reality experience, where Fiesole's past and present blend: the storytelling will deepen your knowledge of the city and its history, turning the visit into an emotional and unique experience.

How to use it

Ask the Ticket Office for the kit, provide a valid identity document and rent your kit!
The Sound Memories Kit is free, available in Italian and English, and it is very easy to use.

It's also possibile to listen to the sound contents on-line, thanks to the Sound Memories virtual tour of the Archaeological Area.

More info about the Sound Memories Project: