The Bandini Icon is a free smartphone App that will allow you to look at the paintings in the Bandini Museum from a new perspective.

The Bandini Icon App contains information, videos and digital resources in Augmented Reality about the paintings in the museum; so you can freely choose wich one you want to explore!
The App is easy to use and is available in Italian and English.

How to use it

Download the Bandini Icon App on Google Play Store or on Apple Store; open it by tapping on its icon and then tap on "Explore the Museum": the camera of your smartphone will activate. Now frame the paintings with the camera of the device... and find the paintings marked with the Bandini Icon App logo to get access to augmented reality contents.

It's possibile to use the App directly inside the Museum, framing the painting in front of you, or also at home, by downloading the free set of pictures (Marker Album) and framing them with your smartphone. 

If you are going to use the Bandini Icon App inside the museum, please make sure to play the videos at an appropriate volume or to use headphones. You can ask the Museum's desk for disposable headphones for free.


For Apple (iOS 11.0 or latest): 85,5 Mb free memory
For Android (Android 6.0 or latest): 56 Mb free memory

More info about the project: Bandini Icon App