multimedia guide


Visit Museums with our multimedia guide

Our multimedia guide can enhance your visit of the Archaeological Area and Archaeological Museum: it’s free and easy to use!


What is it?
The guide is installed on a tablet and contains explanations and videos concerning the entire Archaeological Area and each single room of the Archaeological Museum. There is no need for headphones: the guide has an adjustable sound volume system that allows a group of people listen to it at the same time.

Why should you use it?
Our multimedia guide allows you to better appreciate the features of the Area and Museum and to choose which subjects you wish to explore in more detail. Children will love it!

Who can take the guide?
, no matter what age or nationality! The guide is easy to use and available in many languages: Italian, English, Spanish and German. We recommend that groups reserve the guide a few days prior to the visit, by calling the ticket office.

How much is it?
The guide is included in the price of the admission ticket.

Where can you find it?
Ask at the ticket office when you purchase your tickets. You must leave a valid document (ID card, passport, driving licence), that will be returned to you at the end of your visit.

Are there any limits?
- You can ask for the guide up to 1,30 hour before closing time.
- The tablet must be returned at least an hour before the Museums close.

We ask you to take care of the multimedia guide, so that other visitors may enjoy it too. Please remember that Museums are public places and use your multimedia guide at an appropriate volume to avoid disturbing other visitors.