The App to Discover the paintings of the Bandini Museum

Augmented Reality enters the Museum thanks to Bandini Icon: a brand-new, free smartphone App that allows to look at the paintings in the Bandini Museum from a new perspective

What is it?

Bandini Icon is a smartphone App that contains informations, videos and digital experiences in Augmented Reality about the paintings of the Bandini Collection displayed in the museum. You can download the App on your smartphone at any moment, even at home, and you can use before, during and after your visit at the Museum.

Why use it?

Because it will guide you through the discovery of the collection and the history behind each painting on display. You can choose autonomously which work to explore, just by framing it with your smartphone’s camera. Moreover, the ten paintings marked with the Bandini Icon logo have special Augmented Reality and video contents for you!

Who is it for?

The App is for everybody, regardless of gender, nationality or culture.

The App is easy to use, and is available in Italian and English. The only thing you need to have is a personal smartphone with iOs or Android operating system.

How much does it cost?

The download of the App is completely free. You won’t need to give your email address or register your account, and the App is completely ad- free.

How can I download the app?

You can just search for “Bandini Icon” on the Google Play Store or on the Apple Store, according on your smartphone’s operating system. You can download at every moment, even from home, or directly in the Museum, where you can connect to the Bandini Museum’s wi-fi (ask the porter’s for the Wi-fi name and password).


Link App Store (Apple):
85,5 Mb
For iOS 11.0 or higher versions

Link Google Play Store (Android):
56 Mb
For Android 6.0 or higher versions

What are Bandini Icon’s minimum hardware requirements?

  • You need either a Android or Apple smartphone. The App runs on the majority of devices.
  • Free space on the internal or SD memory card of your device.

How does it work?

After the download of the App, you just have to open it by tapping on its icon, and then tap on “Explore the Museum”: the camera of your smartphone will activate. Now, frame the paintings with the camera of your device, and find the paintings marked with the Bandini Icon logo to get access to Augmented Reality content. 

Contents are available for all the paintings at the first floor of the museum, which once formed the collection of Angelo Maria Bandini, the 18th century collector who gave the name to the Museum.

You can use the App directly in the Museum, framing the painting in front of you, or also at home, by downloading the free set of pictures and framing them with your smartphone.

Are there any obligations or prohibition?

If you are going to use Bandini Icon inside the Museum, be sure to:

  • Take care of the Bandini Museum: dont’t get too close to paintings, and do not touch them;
  • Play the videos in the app at an appropriate volume. You can also use your headphones, or ask for a free pair of disposable headphones at the Museum’s desk .
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