archaeological excavation for kids

An educational activity to dig like an archaeologist for one day!

The profession of archaeologists is always considered fascinating by people of all ages: discovery and adventure go hand in hand with searching for lost treasures and extraordinary findings in special locations. Actually, this is not the real job of an archaeologist!

Adventure, discovery and passion are always involved, but archaeology is first and foremost meticulous research following scientific methods.

During this activity, students have the opportunity to become archaeologists for the day, learning how an archaeological excavation is organised and in what way archaeological research is linked to historical.

An educational worker will teach pupils about every step of the excavation: they will dig and create photographic and hand-drawn documentary evidence, as well as learning how to clean the objects they have uncovered and, finally, how to conserve them.

The educational excavation area is situated inside the Archaeological Area and is organised with objects and structures dating back to the Etruscan, Roman and Longobard ages, to illustrate the main archaeological finds of Fiesole.

How much time is necessary?
The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours.

Who can take part?
Classes of students between 6
and 18 years old.

In the Archaeological Area of Fiesole (Via Portigiani 1).

What is the cost?
€ 6,00 each.

How to book a session?
Make a reservation by calling +39 055 5961293, or write to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you!