wedding in the area

Make your romantic dream reality in the special location of the Roman Theatre of Fiesole!

From April to September, the Archaeological Area is available for couples wishing to celebrate a civil marriage ceremony immersed in nature and history.

Where could be better than Roman Theatre to immortalize your love? In fact, the wedding ceremony itself descends from Roman tradition, as does the placement of the ring on the left ring-finger: in ancient times this finger was considered worthy of a symbol of love because it is joined directly with the heart through a thin nerve.

To celebrate a marriage inside the Roman Theatre not only allows couples to enjoy an evocative Tuscan location on their special day, but is also a way to keep alive ancient traditions.


Couples can choose from two different locations:

The terrace in front of the Archaeological Museum (150 persons max);

The Roman theatre (400 persons max).



For more information, contacts and bookings, please visit the website of the Comune di Fiesole.